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Websites, Social Networking and blogging. Often hard to understand and working with "technology people" is often a challenge. Work with us, we're versed in both tech and communication skills as well as having a entrepreneurial mindset.

Overwhelmed by technology options?

Computer Hardware, Software & Mobile Devices.
Printers. Backups. Power outages.
Not To Mention Software. Servers and Wireless Networks. Get reliable technology solutions that work with your home or business needs.
Most business owners don't have time to spend on their technology solutions and often lack a clear sense of how to leverage the technology they do have. People who DO know can often not know anything about business.

Get clear and cost-effective computing solutions for your business, your home and your family.

Your Unique Value Proposition

Is it sitting in a box, waiting to come out? Could it use some polish and a way to get it across to your customers?
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We Can Let It Shine

If you had Eight Seconds to convince a customer to stay on your site, could you? WE CAN.

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Your Seattle and Tacoma area computer and technology expert. Integrated computing & design solutions.

A Computer & Technology Expert You Can Trust

In every aspect of computer repair, including hardware and software repair, mobile devices, system and network archtecture;
PLUS someone who can listen, communicate, understand and then implement your computing solution. We also work with our clients to implement proactive technical solutions and training to end-users.

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Common Sense Design & Technology

At Regis Chapman Design in South Seattle, Washington- we specialize in analyzing your integrated graphic design, web design and computer technology needs.

We know that:
  • Technology is often complex (scary) and people can lack the perspective to know:
    • What options exist
    • How to use them
    • How to choose between them
    • How to take advantage of the synergies & integrations offered by the Age of the Internet and technology in general.

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