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Rondo Designs- Your Technology Partner

Rondo Designs is a business-driven consulting practice. We focus on achieving business objectives, increasing organization effectiveness, and improving process efficiency by helping our clients best implement and use technology.

SOLUTIONS ARE JUST THE BEGINNING. Rondo Designs becomes your long-term Information Technology Partner.

Continuity of service (in general, our contracts last for 3 years) provides our clients with the best ROI- or Return On Investment in their IT services dollar. After many years providing IT services in the reactive IT model, we decided we wanted to change the way we interact with our customers by becoming proactive both with our technology, automation AND our customization of secure solutions for our customers.
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Phase 1: SOLVE

A Phase 1 customer has not used our services before and has immediate IT needs.

Our job here is similar to a hospital emergency room and we’ll treat it as such, with an eye kept on the next phases also, thinking like a vCIO would, doing what we call ‘Deep Discovery’ as we implement the immediate solutions.

Discovery, planning and smaller projects are done here. Custom plans are created for each phase/project in the process, and we will complete the work after you sign off and understand it.


Phase 2 is about standardizing, planning and implementing any in-depth IT solutions, after the Phase 1 issues are immediately resolved.

Any major structural changes that require correction should be implemented here, as result of Deep Discovery; usually phased in as appropriate for your business. During this phase, we’ll make everything in your business as standard as possible for you business’ needs.

As before, IT plans will be made, modified and approved by you for every step of the process.

Phase 3: SHARPEN

Phase 3 is where you are ready to go on a monthly IT service plan, where we become your internal IT department, managing all of your IT needs.

These are customers who have been with us for some time and are now ready to enjoy the stability and accountability you could normally expect from an internal IT department.

Reports and metrics are provided in this instance, on a regular basis. As before, plans will be made and approved by you for every step of the process or address any special projects that come up to grow your business.


Generally, IT Support is done in a reactive manner- problems are identified and fixed only after productivity interruptions or structural problems become apparent over time, costing clients money in an unexpected fashion. While 100% of this cannot be removed, we have changed our business model to reflect a desire to create a most positive, proactive service model for our clients.


We want to enlighten and engage IT with your business’ goals and unique value proposition to create a better company and bottom line- not simply to fix machines. To do so, we must think strategically with your long-term goals in mind. Every solution is custom-made for your business. We create a custom plan for each step of the process, with cost estimates, future steps and this plan should be implementable by any qualified IT professional.
Our sales team will quote you the billable time for each plan to be written by our technology experts, and we will refer to this document throughout the engagement and implementation process.


Pensacola, Florida; USA

Call us in Pensacola, Florida, USA:


We have helped businesses on Northwest Florida with IT Services from mobile devices to services. Let us help you!

We cover the following areas: FLORIDA: Pensacola, Ferry Pass, Goulding, Period Key, Pace; ALABAMA: Lillian, Seminole, Perdido Beach, Josephine, Elberta, Orange Beach and Miflin.
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Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC; Canada

Call us in Nanaimo, BC Canada:


We have helped businesses on Vancouver Island with IT Services from mobile devices to services. Let us help you!

We cover the following areas: Duncan, Cowichan Valley, Crofton, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Lantzville, Nanoose Bay, Parksville, Qualicum, Errington and Coombs.
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Call us Toll-free


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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