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Rondo Designs- Technology Details

Technology Best Practices- An Outline

Some of our clients are interested in exactly how we go about doing what we do, some of the underlying technologies and if we have any helpful hints about how to best use and optimize your technology. Here is where we’ll outline what we do; and in the Tech Blog, we’ll provide FAQs and outlines of Best Practices for our clients and other interesting technology, security alerts and recommendations for our clients.

All our technology decisions are based in three main principles:
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All proper technology best practices are based primarily in standardization practices. At first, IT standardization would appear to be at odds with the other fundamental principle, Customization. In fact, standardization enables structured computing deviations for your specific business type and goals. Our IT planning phases will explicitly spell out for the technical roles how these technologies will be configured and rolled out. Your contract will have the specifics of your company’s agreement with us, however, we thought it useful to some to explain generally how our process works.

  • INVENTORY: The basic unit of IT standardization is a hardware inventory. We have many tools to help with computer and IT asset inventory, and in our ‘discovery’ process, we’ll ensure we have an initial inventory of your IT assets- computers, network equipment and peripherals like printers and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) assets that may be used by your employees.

  • Our contracts (and your costs) are based on the number of primary devices we are supporting, their type, and how complex they are to support. BYOD devices are generally included in the contracts, roughly equal to the number of main devices we’re supporting. Company devices generally are not, and comprise a separate class of devices to be managed. Based on a good hardware inventory, we’ll then inventory your software and licensing.

  • REMOTE ASSISTANCE, MONITORING AND TROUBLESHOOTING TOOLS: are another key layer of the modern IT workplace. If we are to be of assistance we can provide several customer-facing aspects that enable our work:
  1. REMOTE SUPPORT: We use LogMeIn for this on Mac OS X and Windows, Profile Management tools for iOS and Android devices.
  2. SOFTWARE UPDATES & LICENSING: We use a combination of Munki for Mac OS X, Profile Management for iOS and Android devices, and WPKG for Windows. For larger groups (500+) using Windows, we’ll use Microsoft’s System Center.
  3. MONITORING: We use Watchman Monitoring for machine reporting and proactive alerting for our technicians to determine a problem while it’s manageable and before it becomes a customer-facing issue. Monitoring tools also give us a way to show metrics and do reporting for our customers on a regular basis, should they choose to become a service plan customer.

All of this usually requires that we install some software onto your machines so that we can manage it all. We will refer to this “management layer” throughout the rest of the website. The discovery, inventory and contract processes require this software to be installed, as well as allowances for a physical inventory as well.

Our support tools are an excellent example of a standard practice that pays dividends over time.
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The second aspect of standardization is “how you use it” or customization. Rondo Designs customizes EVERY client’s IT solution as a part of our standard practice, so you will get a plan for everything we’ll do for you.

There are some standard ways in which certain types of businesses function, and compliance to these standards (such as HIPAA compliance) are really best practices that can be applied in general to most IT situations. Broadly speaking, standards like this determine what specific standards apply to your industry, the customers that industry serves and what security and privacy measures are applicable.

Additionally, there are other technologies that enable customization inside a secure and standardized environment. These usually apply to the IT department’s ability to quickly respond to the specific requests of their user base, and the users themselves.

Our IT planning process is our primary example of how our process sets us apart, and customizes the environment for each client. Every phase and stage of your company’s involvement with us will be accompanied by a clear plan and sense of how we get from where we are now to where we want to be, associated costs, etc.

In the above section, we talked about software updates and licensing. It is possible to, with the newer technologies to have a custom “app store” to help manage costs and standardize those few apps that are not 100% standard for every user in your user base. Even different departments within a company can have different ‘app stores’.
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All proper security best practices are based primarily in standardization practices. This article goes into the 7 basic principles that we adhere to in our daily work.

Security is based in properly structured standardization, that includes room for the custom needs of your business, while keeping your hardware, data and company assets secure.

Business Continuity Planning

Disasters, hacking and other business interruptions due to Acts of God can create challenges for businesses that they may never recover from, if not planned properly. Let Rondo Designs experts help you in creating your business continuity plan (BCP. Here are some excellent examples of a BCP here, here and (comprehensively) here.


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